56th Annual Meeting was a Success

01/09/2019 17:50

The 56th CSJ annual meeting was held at the Shimizu Campus, Tokai University on October 20-21, 2018.


Photo: 56th CSJ annual meeting organizing committeee 

There were 17 oral and 18 poster presentations by regular and student members.

Junior high and high school students made 4 poster presentations.

CSJ annual award

CSJ annual awardwas presented by the president Akira Asakura to Minoru Saito (Tokushima University) for his paper entitled " Validity of movie recording for quantitative abundance estimation and body size measurement of Macrobrachium shrimps. Crustacean Research, 44: 39-53." with co-authors Tatsuo Hamano and Kazuyoshi Nakata.


Hiroshi Suzuki Faundation for Young Scientist International Exchange

This foundation was set up to help a young scientist to present at TCS summer Mid-Year Meeting 2019 in Hong Kong, by donation to CSJ by the bereaved family of late Emeritus Professor Hiroshi Suzuki (Yokohama National University), the third president of the CSJ.

It was awarded to Masashi Kodama (University of Tokyo)

Invited oral presentation:

We invited Dr. Ling Ming Tsang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong). He presented a oral presentation entitled Evolutional history of decapods: tempo and mode of diversification and introduced TCS Mid-Year Meeting 2019.

Banquet ceremony:

Photo: Yumi Henmi

Pictured (left to right) are Naoya Ohtsuchi (organizer of meeting of young scientists of CSJ), Peter Kee Lin Ng, Akira Asakura, Tsang Ling Ming

Photo: Akira Asakura's Facebook.

Organizing Committee of the 56th CSJ annual meeting and the president:

Pictured (left to right) are: Wataru Doi, Akira Asakura, Katsuhiko Tanaka (chairperson)

Photo: Akira Asakura's Facebook.

Pre-meeting workshop: New insights into habitat scales of crustaceans

 Kick off meeting of the young scientists of CSJ was held on October 19. There were five oral presentations.

Slide movie is here (Yuzo Ota).

Commemorative photo after the meeting

Presenters (from the left of the front row) are Naoya Ohtsuchi, Yuzo Ota, Shun Kawaida, Akihiro Yoshikawa, and Yumi Henmi.

Open Symposium: Biology of the Sakura Shrimp Lucensosergia lucens in Suruga Bay

This symposium, sponsored by CSJ and School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University was held on October 21.

There were five presentations about stock assessment, trophic ecology and reproductive biology of L. lucens.

Not only CSJ members and scientists, but also local fishermen and people related to fishery industry participated in a large number.

Photo: Takashi Yoshikawa