57th Annual Meeting was a Great Success !

10/23/2019 16:54

The 57th CSJ annual meeting was held at the Shinagawa Campus, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology on October 19-20, 2019.


Photo: 57th CSJ annual meeting organizing committee

There were 28 oral and 38 poster presentations by regular and student members.

Junior high and high school students made 5 poster presentations.

The CSJ annual award 

The CSJ annual award was presented by the president Akira Asakura to Satoshi Takeshima (Hakatajima Laboratory, National Research Institute of Fisheries and Environment of Inland Sea, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency) for his paper entitled " Relative growth of pereiopods of the megalopa and early juveniles of Portunus trituberculatus (Miers, 1876) (Brachyura: Portunidae)". Crustacean Research, 47; 125-136. [https://doi.org/10.18353/crustacea.47.0_125]

Best oral and poster presentation awards

The new best presentation award was established from this annual meeting.

The awards are presented to young presenters of oral and poster presentations, respectively. 

The best oral presenter was presented to Yumi Henmi (Kyoto Univ.)

The best poster presenter was presented to Chihiro Takakura (Nagasaki Univ.)

Banquet ceremony:

Open International Symposium: Open International Symposium: Reproductive Biology of Barnacles.

Other photos.

1st day:https://img.gg/jTpx9BR

2nd day:https://img.gg/frh99WV

Barnacle synposium:https://img.gg/i7mNKNC

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