International Symposium on Crustacea

09/26/2015 20:51


 The following symposium will be held during 53rd Annual Meeting of Carcinological Socity of Japan at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Shinagawa


International Symposium: Phylogenetic, ecological, and behavioural aspects among cryptic or semi-cryptic species of Crustacea
11 Oct 2015 


An award ceremony for Dr. Colin McLay (Univ. Canterbury, New Zealand)
S1. Determining the amount of cryptic species and overlooked diversity in freshwater crabs.
   Christoph D. Schubart (Univ. Regensburg, Germany) & Theodor Poettinger (Univ. Regensburg, Germany)
S2. Recent advancements of the knowledge of crab fauna of the Ryukyu Islands.
   Tohru Naruse (Univ. Ryukyus)
S3. The research history to distinguish two species of Hemigrapsus crabs, H. penicillatus and H. takanoi.
   Izumi Yamasaki (Nat. Res. Inst. Far Seas Fisheries) & Wataru Doi (Tokai Univ.)
S4. Comparison of life history and social behavior of the two allied varunid crabs Hemigrapsus takanoi and H. sinensis
   Aya Miyajima (Suma Aqualife Park Kobe) & Keiji Wada (Nara Women’s Univ.)
S5. Global players revised: Assessing cryptic diversity in the genus Gammarus
   Martina Weiss (Ruhr Univ. Bochum, Germany), Alexander Weigand (Ruhr Univ., Germany), Ahmad-Reza Katouzian (Univ. Tehran, Iran), Alireza Sari (Univ. Tehran, Iran) & Florian Leese (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, Germany).

S6.  Comparison of molecular phylogenetic relationships between massive corals and pit crabs.

    Yuna Zayasu (OIST Marine Genomics Unit)