Past Meeting: 2013


The 51th Annual Meeting of the Carcinological Society of Japan

2013 in Sapporo


Dear Colleagues,
The annual meeting of the Carcinological Society of Japan (CSJ) will be held in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 

on November 30 and December 1 in 2013.



Hokkaido Citizens Actives Center (Postal address: Kita 2, Nishi 7, Chuou-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan)


Please contact Dr. Tadashi Kawai for the detailed information.


Deadline for registration of presentation: 30 September 2013
Deadline for abstract: 30 September 2013
Deadline for registration of Banquet: 30 September 2013


Conference: 4000JPY

Banquet: 5000JPY (student: 4000JPY)


Registration and payment shall be made to the following:

All registration fees must be Japanese Yen, and attendees can use credit cards.



Japanese or English. Most of the papers may be presented in Japanese, but of course English presentations are also welcomed.


Guideline for abstract

Abstracts shall be prepared in A4 size. You can submit abstract using follow link:


Guidelines for poster presentations

Poster boards will be available for the accepted posters. The poster size shall be prepared in maximum 120 cm in height and 90 cm in width.


Guidelines for oral presentations

Allocated time: 15 min for each presentation including following discussion. In order to balance the number of oral presentations and posters, we might ask you to change your initial choice. Notification will be made as soon as possible.


Organizing Committee

Chairperson: Tadashi KAWAI

Secretary: Koutarou MIYAMOTO


Applications & inquiries

Tadashi KAWAI

Wakkanai Fisheries Institute, 4-5-7 Suehiro, Wakkanai, 097-0001 Hokkaido, Japan